Tohm Judson

Front End Developer, Multimedia Artist, and Independent Scholar

Archived Sites

Six Minutes

This project involves the recording of audio at hundreds of unique places around the world, all happening at the same time. At its essence, I am trying to capture an audio time capsule of six minutes of life, in every way possible, that anyone can listen to at anytime.

Web Audio Experiments

Modulus Synth

A simple synth modeled after the classic "Fizz Buzz" scripting test

Mixed Applications

BOMBERMAN 2014 (Unity)

Bomberman 2014 is a critical game to question what would you do if you have a bomb at your hand. It is a question about the potential violence as human nature. This game is inspired from Bomberman, which is a classic strategic, maze-based game to complete the levels by placing bombs in order to kill enemies and destroy obstacles. In the Bomberman 2014, a player becomes Bomberman with one bomb and one life, who makes the choice and is responsible for all consequences. After exploding a bomb, the player dies, kills and injures other people. In this game, “winning” can be ultimately losing and “losing” can be ultimately winning.

MLB Scores (Python and D3)

Using Python to webscrape and display the data in D3